15 Best Things to Do in Griffin

Griffin, Georgia is located south of Atlanta. It forms part of the Metropolitan Atlanta region.

Griffin, a city that is its own with its own charm and atmosphere, is the county seat for Spalding County.

Griffin was founded in 1840 and became a boomtown two years later with the arrival of the railroad.

It survived the American Civil War and has since become a popular getaway with its historic sights and other interesting things to do.

These are the top 15 things to do around Griffin, Georgia.

1. Griffin Commercial Historical District

Griffin Commercial Historical District

The Griffin’s downtown district covers approximately 11 hectares. It is surrounded by Central Alley and Sixth Streets, Taylor, Eighth Streets, and Taylor Streets.

The National Register of Historic Places in the United States contains approximately eight blocks of buildings. 100 buildings were also added because of their contribution to the development of the area and the city.

It includes the Griffin City Hall, a historic brick building, built around 1910, the U-shaped Griffin Hotel, and the Opera House.

This structure, also known as Odd Fellows Hall was built in 1892. It rises three stories and has a Romanesque appearance, which is in addition to the City Hall’s simpler structure.

2. Griffin Regional Welcome Center

Griffin Regional Welcome Center

This similarly appealing building in downtown Griffin, although it is called a welcome center, is much more than a tourist information centre.

Visitors will find the History of Griffin museum, along with the Griffin Art Gallery, behind its large windows and brown bricks.

It was built in 1899 as a grocery distribution warehouse.

The museum houses a wide range of artifacts that date back to Griffin’s long history as a city. While the gallery displays the work of local artists,

3. Bailey-Tebault House

Bailey-Tebault House

Bailey-Tebault house, another important historical structure, was built just as the American Civil War started in the early 1960s.

It was actually delayed by the Union blockade against the Confederate states south.

The building is a fine example of Greek Revival architecture. Its front portico, supported by two-storey Greek columns, has similarities to the White House in Washington DC.

You’ll find exquisite plaster cast mouldings, fine furniture, and beautiful ceilings and walls. Many of these items survived as the city’s first hospital during the 1900s and later as a funeral home.

4. UGA Research and Education Garden

UGA Research and Education Garden

Despite its affiliation with the University of Georgia’s Griffin Campus, the Research and Education Garden covers 26 hectares of botanic gardens.

The combination of gravel and brick paths along with a shaded arboretum allows visitors to discover plants that are native to the south in the most peaceful of settings.

This garden has a shelter and a picnic area, which is a sign that it is a space that welcomes everyone.

Another symbol is the ongoing series of classes and events that take place within its walls. These include star-gazing sessions as well as art exhibitions.

5. Walker Hill Museum

Walker Hill Museum

The Walker family has been collecting for decades in the home it occupies at South Hill Street. They have lived there since 1905.

The family seems to have no limits in their interests, which has led to an eclectic assortment of items that date back at least two centuries.

The museum offers a fascinating look at southern life at the start of the 20th century. It also contains some very rare items.

These include full-sized carousels, with their original horses and early record players. The site’s 1867-built historic homestead, an old dairy barn and an outhouse are all included in the tours.

6. Heads Creek Reservoir

Heads Creek Reservoir

Heads Creek Reservoir, one of many reservoirs and man-made lakes in the area, was created to provide a reliable water supply for the metro Atlanta region.

The reservoir covers more than 120 hectares and is an oasis for anyone who loves the outdoors, even if it’s only for a few hours.

Because of its size, the reservoir is rarely crowded. However, motor boats are banned from its waters.

You can enjoy the shoreline of the lake and its surroundings, as well as its many bird and duck species.

Heads Creek Reservoir lies approximately 12km west of Griffin.

7. Film Tours

Starr's Mill, One of the Visits of the Southern Hollywood Film Tour

Griffin has been the location of many television series and films. The Walking Dead’s production crew is a fan.

It’s wonderful to accidentally stumble upon familiar locations, but a film tour may be the best way to see the backdrops of scenes from your favorite screen entertainment.

Southern Hollywood Film Tours is located in Peachtree City. They combine footage with real locations and take in scenes from The Walking Dead as well as several Marvel movies, including Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider Man.

Peachtree is located just 30 minutes from Griffin by road.

8. Hill-Kurtz House

Hill-Kurtz House

Hill-Kurtz House, another Griffin addition, is now on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built in 1860 by Benjamin J Milner.

His contribution to the formation of a local cavalry regiment during the American Civil War is well-known. Six years later, the house was sold to a printing magnate. It is a fine example what is known as the Exotic Revival style.

You can also explore suburban streets with large lawns and mature trees to find Hill-Kurtz House. Also, keep an eye out for historic private homes like Hunt House. A Griffin merchant turned Confederate officer purchased this property.

9. Stonewall Cemetery

Stonewall Cemetery

Stonewall Cemetery was established to house graves that were left behind by the Battle of Atlanta in the American Civil War.

A plot that has four corners with cannonballs is the final resting place of many hundred Confederate soldiers as well as one Union soldier. They died either in combat or sustained injuries from the wounds received.

You can see many memorials and statues. There is also a memorial park that contains an eternal flame for all those who died in any war involving US troops.

10. Museum of Aviation

Museum of Aviation

Stonewall Cemetery is not the only place where military connections are made. About 100 kilometers southeast of Griffin is the city of Warner Robins. The 1.5-hour drive is worth it because you will find the largest aviation museum in the country.

The Museum of Aviation is located on the border of an Air Force Base, and attracts more people each year than any other Georgia attraction.

The exhibition area covers 21 hectares and houses 85 aircraft. They include small biplanes as well as giant bombers, including a B-52 bomber.

You may also have the rare opportunity to see a U-2 spy aircraft, or a Blackbird that flies at the edge of space.

11. Candler Field Museum

Candler Field Museum

Another aeronautical marvel is located just 15 minutes from Griffin. Peach State Airport is home to Williamson’s Candler Field Museum. It has tried hard to recreate the look of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in the 1920s and 30s.

The museum’s lobby is reminiscent of a check-in counter from that period. In addition to archive photos and other items related to powered flight, it also boasts a number aircraft.

The Wright Brothers’ first flight was 14 years ago. This site focuses on civilian aircraft and not military. You can also find Model A and Model T Ford Model A cars.

12. Griffin Golf Course


The Griffin Golf Course, an 18-hole 72-par golf course, is open from 7.30 am until dusk. The fairways are characterized by trees and rolling fairways.

A 12-station driving range is available, as well as a practice green that allows seasoned golfers improve their game. The course has been open since 1932. It has seen many changes over the years, and new facilities are added regularly.

You can also visit The Club at Shoal creek. It is a private course that circles a large lake. Recently, it was partially rebuilt to make it more playable. The owners made every effort to make sure that the wildlife, including deer, feel at home here.

13. Griffin Area Concert Association


Although its name may not be the most inspiring, few will disagree with the GACA’s status as a concert and gig destination.

The association encourages acts from as many different genres as possible. While you might be able to see a country band, it is equally possible that you will also be there when a symphony orchestra and up-and-coming bands are performing.

The regular performers include talented locals as well as artists with international and national reputations. If you find yourself in a loose place one evening, make sure to visit the Griffin Area Concert Association.

14. Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia

Although we have resisted Atlanta’s lure up to now, it would be difficult to list all the top things to do in Griffin without including the capital of Georgia.

Atlanta is only 50 minutes from Griffin via road. It has many attractions that make it easy to spend a day in Griffin.

Families with young children should head straight to Grant Park’s Zoo Atlanta. It is one of the oldest American Zoos and an important centre for conservation.

You can walk to the Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Park buildings, the street art of the Krog Street Tunnel and many other attractions related to Gone with the Wind, including a museum.

15. Cherokee Rose Sporting Clays

Cherokee Rose Sporting Clays

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution gives citizens the right of bear arms. This right is especially associated with the southern states, including Georgia.

Cherokee Rose Sporting Clays is a great place to find this culture in safety. They offer a space where you can target moving clay discs within beautiful surroundings.

Here are two clay shooting courses. The first is a five-stand, the second is a Helice.

The centre is open to both beginners and experts. It consists of 50 hectares with water, gorges, and rolling hills.