15 Best Things to Do in Peachtree City

Peachtree city is central Georgia’s south metro Atlanta area. It is located 50 km from the capital of Georgia, but it retains its suburban character.

The Peachtree City’s many parks, lakes, open spaces and greenery adds to this feeling. There are 140 km of dedicated golf cart routes and several golf courses. They are used by around 10,000 families to travel instead of using roads.

Peachtree City, not to be confused with Peachtree corners in the northern suburbs Atlanta, is a peaceful escape. The police department consisted of only one vehicle in 1965.

There is plenty to do and see within the city limits as well as in the surrounding area.

These are the top things to do around Peachtree, Georgia.

1. Southern Hollywood Film Tour

Starr's Mill, One of the Visits of the Southern Hollywood Film Tour

This Southern Hollywood Film Tour lasts approximately two hours and allows you to see some of the most iconic locations from Hollywood, as well as a glimpse into Peachtree city.

Surprisingly, many movies have been shot here, possibly due to Raleigh Studios and Pinewood Atlanta Studios being close by.

The studio that produced many Marvel movies, such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider Man and others, is the first. The second houses the popular TV series The Walking Dead.

Tours also take place in Haralson and Senoia, which blend scenes from movies such as Sweet Home Alabama with the actual thing.

2. Lake Kedron, Lake McIntosh

Lake McIntosh

Lake Kedron, a man-made multi-fingered lake formed from the damming Flat Creek, is located at the northern edge of Peachtree city.

Its nine-hectares of water provide one of many places to enjoy the Georgian countryside.

Both at Lake Kedron, and the larger Lake McIntosh, fishing is the most popular recreational activity.

Access to the second allows you to use boats. You will find a pavilion, a children’s playground, and toilets here.

3. Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing

Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing

The CAF Dixie Wing is located at Atlanta Regional Airport Falcon Field, which is on the eastern side Peachtree.

It’s a museum and a display team in one. It boasts the largest collection of historical aircraft in the United States.

Most of the aging animals are around 80 years old and date back to the Second World War or the Korean War.

The restoration workshop is largely managed by volunteers, and funded by donations. There are also original artifacts from World War II.

Perhaps the best part about the Dixie Wing is being able to fly in one of these classic planes.

4. Mastermind Escape Games

Escape Room

Mastermind Escape Games is a great alternative for those who don’t have the heights to reach their goals.

This is where you and your group will test your skills against a series clues and challenges in order to escape from a locked room within an hour.

The centre offers five rooms that can be used to challenge evil sorcerers, take part in bank heists in Ocean’s Eleven-style, or evade zombie hoards like in The Walking Dead.

This is not an easy task. Escape rates hover around 30%-40%. To succeed, you’ll need to be able to think for yourself.

5. Line Creek Nature Area

Hiking Trails

This protected area covers 28 hectares, extending from Wynns Pond to Lake McIntosh.

The creek’s low waters create a steady trickling, as it flows over rocks across the area. It is surrounded by hardwood forest and the beautiful native azaleas.

You can also reach the small, fish-filled pond via several kilometres on gentle hiking trails. A picnic area is located next to the pond, and a viewing deck is available in another part of the park.

The wetland provides a wonderful way to explore the water cycle. It shows how storm runoff is filtered through the soil and eventually becomes the water that flows from our taps.

6. Carlos Museum

Carlos Museum

Since nearly a century, Atlanta’s Carlos Museum is one of America’s most significant museums.

It is dedicated to art and artifacts from all over the globe. The extensive collection includes objects from ancient Egypt and Rome.

It continues to include African and Asian culture in equal detail. European Renaissance sketches are another important component.

Visitors are almost certain to find something that blows their minds in this area of America.

About 50 kilometers north of Peachtree is the Carlos Museum.

7. Golf


Attention, all golfers, new and old! Peachtree City boasts five golf courses, with another dozen within easy reach.

Georgia’s amazing weather makes it a sport that can easily be played throughout the year.

Rocky Roquemore, Jeff Burton, and Rocky Roquemore designed Planterra Ridge. It was first played in 1994. Flat Creek, which is located at the opposite end of the spectrum was created by Joe Lee and opened in 1968. It incorporates Flat Creek’s shifting elevations.

8. Road to Tara Museum

Road to Tara Museum

Clayton County is where you will find the Road to Tara Museum. This is the location of Margaret Mitchell’s bestseller and multi-award winning film Gone with the Wind.

Mitchell’s story is used by the museum to show the reality of life during the American Civil War and its immediate aftermath.

You can see original props, reproductions of some costumes worn by Vivien in Scarlett O’Hara’s role, as well as contemporary scripts.

These artifacts can be accompanied by photographs and personal accounts from Jonesboro and the surrounding areas, which are approximately 30 minutes drive from Peachtree city.

9. Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheatre


This amphitheatre, also known in Peachtree as “The Fred”, is an open-air concert venue. It has attracted major artists to its stage for many decades.

The 2,500-seat space offers a private setting for bands to perform in. Its open-air nature adds an extra level of excitement to outdoor arenas.

The Fred has hosted everyone, from Huey Lewis to Gladys Knight over the years. It has also been voted as the best music venue for the Atlanta area more than once.

10. Line Creek Brewing Company

Line Creek Brewing Company

Peachtree City’s first brewery was born out of two things: fresh spring water, and brewing companies.

Line Creek Brewing Company was born out of a love for good-quality craft beer in the area.

It uses modern techniques for the brewing process but does not forget about the traditional art form.

Line Creek has created beers that can satisfy both the occasional beer drinker as well as the most dedicated fans.

They offer a range of beers, from the Rangefinder American-style Lager to more unusual combinations like the Jay Byrd N The Boyz passionfruit Berliner Weisse Beer.

11. Holliday-Dorsey Fife House

Holliday-Dorsey-Fife House

This beautiful Georgian antebellum home, built in the Greek Revival style, is a stunning survivor. It features two-storey columns on the front facade and a veranda with double height.

It is located just a block from Courthouse Square, the Fayette County seat in Fayetteville. Since the early 2000s, it has been a museum devoted to local history.

The historic rooms can be divided into sections that focus on the Civil War and the authors who lived in Fayette County.

A separate room is dedicated to the family of the original owners, Margaret Mitchell and Doc Holliday.

Fayetteville lies 15 kilometers east of Peachtree city.

12. Southern Ground by Zac Brown

Zac Brown’s Southern Ground

Georgian country music is closely associated with Georgia. No trip to Georgia would be complete without experiencing this type of angst, loss and love.

You can find plenty of bars that play it, or you could explore the talent of the Georgia-based country/rock band the Zac Brown Band.

This space shows the entire life of a band. It includes the writing of songs that have won Grammys and the design of merchandise.

13. Flint River Adventures


The Flint River rises in Georgia’s Fulton Country and flows south through stunning natural beauty to Florida.

These include the area surrounding Thomason, which is an hour south from Peachtree City and where Flint City Adventures is located.

The company also rents its kayaks and offers half-day or full-day tours of the area by water.

The tours include rapids of class I and II that are family-friendly, as well as the stunning mountain scenery surrounding Sprewell Bluff Park.

14. Peachtree City Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Peachtree City Farmers’ Market is a great place to find healthy, local foods that haven’t traveled halfway across the continent.

Its stalls are open every Wednesday and Saturday morning. They feature some of the best producers in the area.

On Market Day, 60 vendors are on the streets selling their goods. They love to tell the stories of the animals that work at the butcher stalls or the process involved in producing the best Georgia peaches.

Some stalls also have gifts that are perfect for any occasion, such as pottery and honey jars.

15. Escalade Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

This is your chance to rock climb if you have always loved the idea but didn’t have the courage or the equipment.

Escalade offers indoor rock climbing walls that are suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced climbers across the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Escalade has guides available, so you can walk right off the street and not need to make a booking. This is a huge advantage for holidaymakers.

If you are looking for more experienced tuition, the centre offers classes several times per semaine.