5 Top Ideas on Knowing How to Match Blazer Jackets

When it comes to suits, many people should still stay in the stereotype of serious stereotypes, but now the suits are not the same. It is no longer the coat of white-collar workers, nor synonymous with the sale of insurance, it re-rolled the entire fashion circle in a new and fashionable way, and this autumn and winter even became the existence of the tyrant. Stepping into the fall and winter, Blazer can be said to be a fashion item that is very popular whether it is fashionable or not. The design of most blazers is not very attractive, and nowadays designers prefer to try different prints on blazers, which is why blazers are so popular. Before introducing the blazer style, let us talk about which items are the best companion for blazer!

1 Tee

The first is the combination of a versatile Tee and a blazer. As a good looking product, the T-shirt can be said to be the seed player in the fashionable wardrobe. Any style matching will be the top three in the popular style. Similarly, when paired with a blazer, whether it is a plain Tee or a printed T-shirt, the effect will not be disappointing

2 Mini skirt / pants

The best way to completely liberate your legs is to not wear them. Oh no, it is completely uncovered from the thighs and the lower body is missing. This kind of wearing is very fashionable, and it is also suitable for the current season of cold and hot. The short, tall girls can control. You said that what you want to wear is different from others? Let me recommend that you must match your high heels, it will be cool.

3 Dress

In addition to being suitable for attending important occasions such as parties and cocktail parties, the blazer with dress is also very elegant and this outfit is also simple to match, and it is not easy to make mistakes under normal occasions. The most important thing to do so is to abide by the principle of “tightening down” and “slowing down”. For example, if you are paired with such an umbrella skirt and a fairy skirt, the upper body must be waisted, otherwise the whole person will not only look feminine, but also very heavy. If you don’t have a waist suit, you should at least tie your belt, tighten your waist and raise your waistline.

4 Hoodie

If you want to wear a suit, you must first consider how to get rid of the original and serious feeling of the suit. It’s very simple, pick the most casual and casual style and match it. For example, the hoodie with a suit that has been popular for a long time is a suit, and the round hat has a sense of seriousness in the suit, making the whole person look more energetic. My best recommendation is to use a hoodie with a wide-shoulder suit. Because the overall profile is loose, the hoodie can be put in and it won’t look bloated. In addition to the style, the color should also be chosen. It can be seen that the hoodies and suits of the same color are not visually impactful, so if your hoodies are chosen to be more beautiful, then the site can choose a darker gray, and vice versa.

5 Jeans

In the past two years, fashion blogger has liked to wear suits and jeans. I am worried that the suits will be too formal and serious. You can try this kind of wear, and the combination of cool and casual. The most popular color suits are dark, black suits are originally a few professional, a little formal, but with jeans is a lot of fashion, reducing the sense of formality, so that the suit is becoming daily, so go to work or leisure can be worn like this, with small white shoes on the weekend, work with high heels, the two styles perfectly switch. Plaid suit is also a big fire this year, the retro tone of the checkered suit matches with the fashionable casual style of jeans, it is really a different sense of high-grade, with black ankle boots. Although it looks good, but with white booties is the victory. Of course, you can also wear this retro plaid out of casual and casual feeling, then you only need to wear a pair of loose, casual jeans and a pair of flat shoes, it looks more casual .

Except for all of these outfit creations we showed you in this article, there are many others which are worth mentioning. In case you would like to read another fashion related articles, you can browse our blog to find the right ones for you