Autocar confidential: Sticks and stone for BMW, Hyundai’s resilience and more

Water on the back for BMW

You can reply to BMW’s tweets however, it won’t hurt Domagoj Dukec, the design boss. He said that he was used to receiving a lot of responses at first after the unveiling of the i Vision Circular concept. We’ve proven, with other concepts like the i3, that any idea we make is based on real thought. People thought we were crazy when we built our first SUV. But now, everyone is making SUVs.

Why Renault Mobility is different

Why did the Renault Group have to create an entirely new division in Mobilize? CEO Luca de Meo revealed that it did so to make it easier for other companies to co-operate, be it sharing technology or jointly investing in development projects. “There will be a lot of opportunities, and this is the best way to show that we’re open to it,” he said.

This is not your average MPV

Denis Le Vot, Dacia’s boss, is looking for inspiration to name the new Jogger. Le Vot stated that even internally, it wasn’t settled. Drop us a note with your suggestions.

Chip shortage What is the chip shortage?

Are you tired of waiting for your car to arrive? If so, perhaps consider a Hyundai. Michael Cole, the European boss of the company, stated that it has not been “dramatically affected” by the continuing semiconductor shortage. “Of course, we have lead time, but customers don’t experience severe delays.”