Bulgaria: The perfect destination for sun worshippers and skiers

Bulgaria was one of the first countries to be issued a safety and sanitation travel stamp by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). This is a great way to ensure tourists are safe.

This scheme has also accepted the UK NHS app, which allows British tourists to freely visit European sites.

What’s the Bulgarian culture like?

Bulgaria borders the Black Sea and is home to some of Europe’s most biodiverse nations, including rare animal and plant species. This Balkan country, which is rich in parks and protected ecosystems and is ideal for nature lovers in both summer and winter, should not be missed.

In recent years, the Black Sea coast was renovated and now has large hotels and spas along with golden sand beaches.

There are many scenic ski resorts in the country, which have been renovated along the Black Sea coast. There are many scenic ski resorts available if you plan to visit the country for winter.

We have selected our top beach resorts and ski resorts so you can have a wonderful time no matter what time of the year you visit Bulgaria.

Skiing holidays in Bulgaria


We’ve selected our top three ski resorts as winter draws near. There are seven major mountain ranges within close proximity of each other, so there are plenty of options for hitting the slopes.

“The mountainous areas of Bulgaria are a very popular tourist destination, especially in the spring and winter. “Bansko hosted many competitions such as the alpine ski World Cup” says Stela Baltova (Bulgarian Minister of Tourism).

Borovets, a famous ski area located in Bulgaria’s Rila mountain near Sofia (2925m) and the Balkans – Musala peak (295m) is about an hour and a quarter of an hour drive from Sofia.

We have everything you need, whether you’re looking for a large resort or a small boutique hotel.

Bansko Ski Resort


The Pirin Mountains are the home to Bankso, the largest ski resort in Bulgaria. It is located at the base of the Pirin Mountains, so you don’t have to worry about whether there will snow. In fact, snow cannons in the resort guarantee that there will be snow from December through May.

There are 70 kms of pistes and 18 ski runs, so there is something for everyone. The difficulty levels range from blue to black.

Lessons are available for those who don’t know how to walk. There’s also a thermal swimming pool that you can use to unwind after a long day.

Borovets Ski Resort


Only 70 km from Sofia, the country capital, Borovets is located on the northern slopes the Rila Mountains. It is surrounded by pine forests, giving it a Christmassy vibe. It boasts spectacular views at 1,390m above the sea level.

It is a resort of royal descent, dating back to 1896, when the Bulgarian King Kniaz Ferdinand built a summerhouse and hunting lodges here.

It is a resort of royal descent, dating back to 1896, when Kniaz Ferdinand, the Bulgarian King, built a summerhouse and hunting lodges here. The aristocracy soon followed the King wherever he went. Many of the country’s most prominent figures soon built chalets in the area.

There’s a kids’ ski school for those who are travelling with children. If you’re flying alone, there are many late-night bars and clubs.

Malyovitsa Ski Resort

Malyovista, if you are a skilled skier, is the right place. This resort is located 40 km from Borovets and has only four kilometers of pistes. It starts at the highest point and is a black-colored run. However, it becomes easier to descend and eventually becomes a blue-colored run.

It is located at the base of the mountain, and offers a variety of restaurants. There isn’t the wild nightlife at larger places.

Malyovitsa Mountain can be climbed in 2 to 3 hours. It also offers beautiful scenery for alpine selfies.

What’s the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria?


Let’s get warm if all the snow talk has left you feeling chilly. Bulgaria has 378 km of coastline.

Baltova says that the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast is a wonderful place to spend a summer vacation.

“The beaches and sea offer great conditions for water sports like surfing, water ski, diving, underwater research, fishing, and more, from the surface and below the water.”

To meet increasing tourist demand, the country has invested heavily in its coastline infrastructure. There are many new resorts and hotels popping up.

So you can have summer 2022 on the warm Black Sea coast, we’ve selected our top three beach spots.

3. Golden Sands beach resort


Golden Sands, a resort located north of the Black Sea coast, is close to Varna, a historic maritime city. This blue flag beach, set against a backdrop of a hillside with trees, is also home to Amusement Park Aquapolis.

Golden Sands offers many watersports, including classic banana boat rides and scuba dive. Divers will be able to see seahorses and Black Sea crabs.

For a bit of culture, climb up to Aladzha Monastery which overlooks the beach. The cave is a medieval cave monastery that was once home to hermit monks. It was last inhabited in the 13th Century.

You can find culture by climbing the cliff to Aladzha Monastery which overlooks the beach. The cave is a medieval cave monastery that was used as a refuge for hermit monks during the 13th century.

2. Sunny beach resort

Sunny beach is the best choice for those looking for a fun beach. Sunny beach, a popular party spot on the Black Sea coast, is brimming with young European tourists looking to party all night.

Five kilometres of sun-drenched hedonism lie on the beach, but you’ll also find families and children during the day.

If you want to get an adrenaline rush, there are many watersports available here. You can also go on jeep safaris to explore the surrounding mountains and improve your archery skills.

1. Primorsko Beach


Primorsko is located at the southern tip of the Black Sea coast. Primorsko, located at the foot of the Strandzha mountain ridge, is actually divided into two beaches: the north and the south. This is a wonderful spot for families with young kids because the sea here is calm and there are very few waves.

There are many things to do and see in the area, including hotels and nightlife.

“Investments in luxury hotels and leisure sports are on the rise.” Baltova continues, “The coast landscape offers a wide variety of recreation opportunities.”

The beach season in Bulgaria starts in May and continues until September. It offers five months of sun and relaxation.