Ireland travel guide: More than just Guinness and good times

It’s easy to see why Ireland is so beloved by the world with its charming local accents and friendly character.

The stereotypes are wrong. Ireland is full of culture and fun. While Dublin is the most popular destination for stag or hen parties, there are many other options.

Euronews Travel is my job as a journalist. I have loved going to Ireland with my family since childhood. You won’t know it’s raining, but I’m here for you to help you navigate this nation filled with warmth.

Ireland’s best way to see it

Intercity travel can be done by train, but walking or cycling is the best way to explore the countryside of Ireland. Connemara National Park offers cycling tours, while Ring of Kerry is best enjoyed driving. You might not be able to access some remote areas by public transport. It is best to plan ahead.

When is the best time to visit Ireland

All year! If you aren’t bound by school holidays, I recommend the spring (March-May) or autumn (September-October). About:blank

Top 10 Must-See Places in Ireland


Dublin is a contender for history and nightlife. It has just as many restaurants as tourist sites. All of these can be viewed using the hop on hop off bus tour.

Galway City

Galway, a vibrant and unconventional city center for culture and culinary excellence, has an atmosphere just as lively and colorful as its iconic architecture.


Connemara, located in north west Galway is a stunning area that boasts one the most beautiful national parks in Ireland. It also contains the remains of a medieval castle and the charming island of Inishnee.


The hidden treasure of County Donegal on the west coast has some the most beautiful beaches in Ireland. It is also home to friendly locals and stunning views.

Boyne Valley, New Grange

UNESCO World Heritage Site, older than Stonehenge or the Great Pyramids of Giza. This neolithic passage tomb’ is adorned in ancient art.

Cliffs of Moher in County Clare

This cinematic setting is featured in Harry Potter and Princess Bride.


This stunning second city in Ireland is a great base for exploring the rest of the beautiful “rebel country”. This university town is located on an island and has many museums and cultural centers.

Tralee in County Kerry

This picturesque bay is the home of Ireland’s National Folk Theatre.

Kilkenny City

The medieval capital of Ireland, a must-see for all site seekers


This is the perfect place for surfers who love surfing and beautiful beaches.

You won’t find these places in the guidebook/Off The Beaten track.

Donegal is one of the most underrated places in Ireland. It’s absolutely breathtaking and you must visit Tramore Strand if you ever get the chance. This stunning beach will make you feel as though you are on the edge.

As a child, we used to camp nearby. It was amazing, even though I didn’t care much about the weather.

Lough Finn is also located in the same area of the country. It is another stunning freshwater Lough.

You shouldn’t miss out on major experiences

The Ring of Kerry, a 180km round route that can be driven in just 3.5 hours, but also includes sections suitable for more experienced hikers. You’ll be able to capture the most memorable moments on Instagram from this unique location, which boasts a monastery built in 7th-century and stunning scenery.

Powerscourt Estate, a stunning stately home located in Enniskerry in Wicklow, has beautiful gardens and is just 6 km from the highest waterfalls in Ireland. The Avoca Terrace Cafe offers some of the best views in the country.

Trinity College, Dublin, was established long before Sally Rooney made the place the most likely to have an affair. The Old Library, where historical Greek, Roman, and Celtic texts meet, is a must-see attraction. You can learn a lot and then relax in the historic and stately long room.

What can I do to get free help?

It seems strange to ask about the free outdoor activities and views in Ireland. If you want to save money in Dublin, go for a walk along the River Liffey. This is Europe’s most romantic, charming and unique waterway.

Favorite food of the Irish

After you have had a quick pint of Guinness, you should try some fresh seafood from Ireland. You can try some oysters in Galway, but you will find fresh seafood in most coastal towns.

Tips for accommodation

Although it may seem crazy, I recommend camping in Ireland. Camping in Ireland is a great way to experience the outdoors and get close to the natural beauty of the country. You don’t need to keep it simple. There are many incredible spots you can choose from.

Top tips

It is a good idea to always talk to locals about where you want to go. Although it sounds cliché, Irish people are friendly and open to helping.

If you don’t have a choice, Kennedy’s Gastro Pub (formerly The Thatch), Glenties is a good alternative.