Meet the 3 Winners of The ArchDaily and Strelka Award

Three ArchDaily & Strelka Award winners were selected in the second round of voting. On September 7, the Future Architect Conference will announce the grand prize winner.

ArchDaily, Strelka KB, and Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design organize the joint award. Open call for emerging architects was held to solicit submissions of their built projects. Projects built within the last five years are acceptable for architects and other design professionals.

Readers of ArchDaily & Strelka Mag selected the winners from a shortlist that included 15 architectural projects. These were chosen in the first round.

Durtuli Community Spaces / Orchestra Design in Russia

Open the town is a project that creates two spaces for open dialogue and preserves the feeling of home in an urban environment. Lenin Square, as well as the former brewery territory, connect the two districts of Durtuli via a green promenade.

(c) Regina Davletova

Atyrau Bridge / New Moon Architects, KAZAKHSTAN

Its facade and design refer to the Atyrau region’s unique endemic, the Caspian Sturgeon. Two and a half thousand facade pieces make up the shell, creating a public space shelter and a feeling of place. It is a popular tourist destination that people love to share with their friends and invite them to visit.

(c) George Steinmetz

National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan / XOPA (RUSSIA)

In a building built in 1987 to house the Kazan branch of the Lenin Central Museum, the National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan can be found. This building is a landmark of Kazan, and it’s clad with Armenian tufa stones, so it resembles a Soviet flag waving.

(c) Ivan Erofeev