This 48MP 4K Camera Costs $110 and is NOT for Pro Photographers

Do your research if you are looking for a digital camera. It is recommended to choose a trusted brand. While some cameras look great on paper, they are likely not what you are looking for.

This is an example: If you browse Amazon’s digital camera category, you might find this stylish-looking VJIANGER camera (first seen by photo Rumors). It is actually the first result when you search for “4K Camera” and it is definitely one of your cheapest (if the most affordable) options.

The camera is heavily promoted on the Internet, as well as via social media platforms like Instagram.

Both the specs and the price look too good to pass up: For just $110 you can get a 48-megapixel camera that records at 4K/30fps.

These are some marketing images that go along with the listings.

Other specs and features include 16x digital zoom, an LCD flip screen of 3 inches, a built in LED light, webcam capabilities and autofocus.

Some of these specs may sound familiar to you if you were to purchase new mirrorless cameras from major players like Canon, Nikon and Sony. But if you look closely at the page you will see warning signs that you need to be aware of.

One warning is given to professional photographers about buying the camera. It states: “Not professional camera. Professionals are not recommended to purchase.”

You’ll see that the exact model of this camera is sold under many different brands on Amazon. These include VET, KIDCAM and others.

You can even sell the camera directly on Amazon. You can simply buy the camera in bulk from a supplier on a marketplace such as Alibaba.

If you buy more than 2 cameras, the camera will cost $65 per each. If you buy more than 2,000, it will cost $59 per each.

You want to know how the camera performs? Think Media, a popular YouTube channel, got one or nearly identical cameras and called it “the worst camera in the world.”

Nolan Molt, a film director, shot an ordinary video and uploaded it to the channel. The channel has more than 1.8 million subscribers. Surprisingly viewers didn’t notice or mind the “potato” quality and the video performed well.

Molt states, “Whatever camera your have, I guarantee you that it’s likely to be better than this one.” There are no excuses. You can use your smartphone, your webcam or whatever else you have to start making YouTube videos. The lighting, audio and editing are all important.

If you are looking for a quality cam, be aware of the high specs and low price tags. If you are looking for a simple camera to use and don’t mind spending $110 for “potato quality”, this “4K” camera might be the right choice.