What’s in My Bag: Rick Sammon’s Photography Gear

Let’s get to the gear. As shown below, you can prepare all of your gear for a trip. Imagine the scenarios you might encounter and think about what gear you’ll need. You can ensure you have the right gear to take the best photos on location by seeing your gear and doing the necessary photoshop work.

All this stuff doesn’t fit in my bag at once. My gear choice is determined by the subject and location. All my computer gear is kept in one place – charger, card readers and back-up drives. I keep everything in a separate roll bag.

Let’s take a look at my photography gear.

Canon EOS R6 This is my primary camera for all of my photography.

Canon EOS R5 This is the camera I use when I need large files to make large prints.

Canon EOSR This is my backup camera, as I like to always have two active cameras: one with wide-angle zoom and the other with a zoom telephoto.

Here are my lenses:

2 Canon F4 24-105mm F4 IS USM — This lens is my all-around favorite and I don’t want to be without it. I always have a backup.

Canon F15-35mm F2.8L IS USM This is for cityscape and landscape photography.

Canon F100-500mm F4.5-7 L IS USM This is my number one wildlife lens.

Canon Extender RF1.4x – This extends the zoom range on my Canon RF100-505mm F4.5-7.1L IS USM – so you can get closer to wildlife.

Canon EF8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM With Canon Mount Adapter EF–EOS R – Great for creating fun fisheye effects photos.

You can also find other stuff here

Canon EX600 RT speedlite – I use it for daylight fill-in flash photos.

Canon STE3-RT speedlite transmitter – This is to activate my speedlite.

Headlamp (alternative link) I use this to set it up in the dark hands-free.

Platyball ballhead This is for easy camera positioning.

Canon battery chargers I need to charge my batteries.

Canon batteries I use these to power all my cameras.

Black Rapid camera band – This is to allow me quick access to my camera.

Canon micro-fiber lens cleaning cloth – It’s important to keep your lenses clean.

CPS Card wallet with Delkin Devices CFfast and SD cards – This is to record my memories.

I need my “breaking of the ice” card tricks for foreign lands.

Blower This is for sensor cleaning.

Toothbrush – After working in the sand, I clean my tripod’s joints with a toothbrush.

Lens hoods – This is to protect my eyes.

Breakthrough Photography 3-Stop This is used to shoot at slow shutter speeds.

Breakthrough Photography 10-Stop Nd filters – This is used to shoot at slow shutter speeds under very bright lighting.

Breakthrough Photography Polarizing Filter – This filter is needed to reduce the glare from water and darken a blue night.

Optech rain sleeve – Rain!

Arca Swiss plate This is to mount my digital camera on my ball head.

CPS water bottles — It is best to stay hydrated.

Eyecover — I can fly and sleep in the airplane.

Guitar picks – I must be prepared if I find a guitar!